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    Mimoto - Japanese design, arts and crafts

    Mimoto is an independent online business based in Melbourne, Australia. We specialize in simple, modern and traditional goods and accessories made or designed by Japanese designers and artisans.

    Mimoto is drawn to the raw and simple beauty of Japanese design, arts and crafts. Our products celebrate the traditional and modern, and designers past, present and future. Mimoto products find beauty in the simple, well designed, and life's common objects.

    Wafu is a term to describe Japanese style, where old and new design co-exists without any apparent contradiction. Our products have been carefully chosen to offer you a selection that celebrates the sense of harmony and balance that is Japanese design.

    New trends can be clearly seen in the selection of materials, construction methods and styles.

    Mimoto also enjoys the Japanese sense of humor seen in their love of zakka, and their attraction to the childlike.

    Zakka is a modern design phenomenon that has spread from Japan and throughout the world. Zakka design aims to add fun and delight to anything related to your home, life and outlook.

    Zakka products see the design savvy in the ordinary and mundane, and are often laden with subtext. They appreciate shape, colour and texture and sometimes play with childlike characters and fantasy. 

    Japanese artists and craftspeople understand the important relationship between man, the objects he uses in everyday life, and the objects he rests his eyes on as he undergoes his everyday life.

    Mono No Aware is a Japanese phrase referring to the ability to move the human heart. Mono no Aware is sometimes referred to the "thus-ness" or the "Ah-ness" of things.

    We hope to bring you the "Ah-ness" of things! Enjoy!